Our Mission

Challenge your philosophy of growth and provide sincere financial consult toward realizing an optimal future. We provide individuals and businesses who know they deserve more with sincere strategic advice and education to help transform their personal and financial lives.

Our Mission

Challenge your philosophy of growth and provide sincere financial consult toward realizing an optimal future. We provide individuals and businesses who know they deserve more with sincere strategic advice and education to help transform their personal and financial lives.

Tevan Asaturi

I’m sincerely excited to meet you, hear your story, and find ways to push your growth mindset as we develop strategies to crush both tangible and intangible barriers.
My name is Tevan Asaturi and I’d like to share some context behind the work that I do and the reason why I do it. I believe that being vulnerable will help explain the “why” of Asaturi and provide a trailer of where my journey in finance took me – from about the age of ten.

There is no limitation of possibilities other than our capacity to truly believe in the reality of what we imagine.

Ability to seek and push boundaries through pain in an endless pursuit of growth and service.

I was born in Zurich, Switzerland, into a family who lived in a hostel (photo below) and later immigrated penniless to the United States. Growing up in a poor and distressed environment, I decided at a young age that I would not continue my adult life this way. I took it upon myself to learn everything that I could about finance and money, and more importantly – pay it forward to as many people as I could. My fascination, knowledge, and experience grew from about the age of 10 – when I started to keep a budget of gift money in my Dr. Seuss address book! (photo below)

I have spent a decade in the financial services industry, excelling at elite banks such as Merrill Lynch, Northwestern Mutual, and JPMorgan Chase, where I ranked amongst the top bankers in the nation. After earning my MBA, I decided to transition into management consulting and accepted a position with Accenture Operations & Strategy. I went on to provide financial consult to top Fortune clients across various industries, including, but not limited to: financial services, social media, retail, telecom, technology, and auto. I have held or currently hold positions, including, but not limited to: CEO, CFO, private banker, CFO & enterprise value consultant, financial representative, treasurer, and founder.

I earned my Master of Business Administration, along with a certification in Technology Commercialization, from the University of Southern California. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Business Economics from the University of California, Irvine. I also hold a Certification in Analytics & Artificial Intelligence from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management.

Hostel in ZURICH,

I recently had the opportunity to visit my birthplace and track down the hostel where my family used to live. After 30 years and renovations this hostel still has shared showers, bathrooms, and common areas. It was eerie being in there – but mostly gratifying: it’s a vigilante reminder that dragons can be beat.

To the most valid of questions: No, I did not plan on matching with the building!

Dr. SEUSS Accounting

Most kids get allowances from their parents, I gave out loans to mine. As a kid I would keep track of money I would receive and how it was used. The photo to the right is one of my earlier non-primary records of budgeting. Sure I was a kid and this was a Dr. Seuss address book, but I couldn’t afford to risk a better life.

Asaturi Advantage



We’re not just experts in finance, we’re experts in understanding how to think about finance. Financial advisors, CPA's, etc., advise based on their lens, the products they are allowed to sell, or unforgivingly - products that pay the most.


We don't sugarcoat, we aren't compensated based on what we recommend, and we don't have products to push. We are primarily fee-based, meaning we charge for time and performance. This way you know our advice is uncompromised.


At Asaturi we strive to build life long meaningful relationships - not push and go transactions. For this purpose, and in order to optimize the value we provide to our clients, we are selective with our partners and our calendar.


We're wise, yet 100% human and won't hesitate to empathize with you. We are not suit wearing robots using endless jargon trying to close a sale. We are here to understand and push you as we strategically charge toward your success.


We bring decades of meaningful, elite, personal and professional experience and education to every meeting. Just as importantly, we bring honesty, sincerity, and empathy to every meeting. At Asaturi, you're always in good hands.


Born and raised poor, our founder made his way through life and has committed to using what he's learned through his pain to save you from yours. We were born with our ``why`` - and it has nothing to do with money.


Founder & President

Skid Row, an area of Los Angeles, is home to nearly 5000 homeless from all over the country. In 2013, I founded All for All, Inc. in order to help provide these individuals fresh served Thanksgiving meals during Thanksgiving. To date, we have helped provide fresh food from places like Whole Foods to over 1000 individuals in Skid Row.

All for All, Inc. was founded to help provide fresh meals and support to the less fortunate, primarily during Thanksgiving.

Whole Foods
Reed Smith, LLC
Burbank Handy Market
Life Rooted

Co-Founder & CFO

Armenian American Sports Medicine Coalition was founded in 2017 after the Founder & President, Nick Tavoukjian, returned from several sports medicine and rehabilitation educational trips to Armenia – all of which solidified the gap we set out to fulfil.

In Armenia, the AASMC works with Armenian clinicians to advance the field of sports medicine and rehabilitation through educational outreach and patient care. Domestically, we advocate for safe athletic participation within Armenian-American communities by creating a network of sports medicine and rehabilitation professionals who support safe sport practices and the development of future Armenian-American clinicians.

Rock tape
New Gear Medical
Pro Health Imaging
Glenoaks Imaging

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