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“In my 20+ years serving the rich, the poor, start ups, and Fortune 500 companies I learned financial literacy is an everyone problem. This program is the solution.”

– Tevan Asaturi

Money Mastery Programs

Program overview and comparison
40% discount for verified students ages 13-21

What you learn

How you learn

The Goal

Financial confidence

Course Format


Course Length

10+ hours

Time alloted

90 days

What is it?

Our Money Mastery programs are trusted interactive courses that include hours of video content, Q&A’s, knowledge checks, proprietary tools and material, and more.

Who’s it for?

These programs were created with everyone 13 and up in mind. Most importantly, these programs are for those who want to gain confidence in their financial future.

Where are sessions?

Right here online! Once you register you gain access to your own private portal full of proprietary content and next steps.

How does it work?

Once you sign up you’ll receive information which includes our recommended road map to follow. Move at your own pace but be mindful that your login expires in 90 days.

When does it start?

PRE-SALE: As we continue to build the best that we can for you we ask for your patience and are providing an early bird discount on all course purchases.

Why does it exist?

In my 20+ years of serving the rich, the poor, start-ups, & fortune companies I learned financial literacy is an everyone problem. This program is the solution. – Tevan Asaturi

World Class Experience

These courses were designed with your best future in mind. Prepare for an interactive, challenging, and transformative experience toward a better future.

Interactive Process

Immerse yourself into world class content by using provided relevant tools, work along tasks, quizzes, and Q&A sessions.

Mindset Transformation

This isn't like any other course - prepare to upgrade your life and reprogram your brain toward creating the future you deserve.

Tools & Handouts

The video content will be prepared with proprietary tools and handouts that will allow you to create and customize - and they're all yours to keep.

Expert Mentorship

Despite the proprietary content provided, we will host Q&A sessions to help answer any questions about the content provided.


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Money Mastery University

$299 / Year
Elite Yearly
$159 / 3 Months

Offering Breakdown

  • Course Offering
  • MMU

Video Content

  • Introduction
  • The power of belief
  • Challenging current beliefs
  • Secrets of the rich
  • 30 day abundance challenge
  • Steps to upgrade old beliefs
  • Strategic goal setting
  • Challenging our belief system
  • Our limiting beliefs - exercise
  • Changing our belief system
  • Strategic goal setting - exercise
  • Think rich, not poor
  • Conclusion
  • Thinking BIG
  • Breaking & forming habits
  • High performer goal setting
  • Overview and offerings
  • Introduction
  • Checking accounts | Overview
  • Checking accounts | Understanding transactions
  • Checking accounts | Methods of use
  • Savings products | Savings accounts
  • Savings products | Certificate of deposits
  • Interest rates
  • Fraud and security
  • FDIC
  • Conclusion
  • Understanding APY
  • Introduction
  • Credit and credit score
  • How your score is determined
  • FICO & the credit bureaus
  • Bankers tips
  • Overview
  • Scoring methods, FICO, 3 bureaus, and more
  • High performer habits
Credit cards
  • Introduction
  • Quick review
  • APR
  • Statements, interest accrual, and payment strategy
  • Card selection and rewards
  • Bankers tips
  • Overview
  • Usage, payments, statements, +
  • Understanding APR
  • Optimizing the use of debt
  • Selecting the best cards
  • Introduction
  • Home loans | Overview
  • Home loans | Basic lingo & loan requirements
  • Home loans | Types
  • Home loans | Bankers tips
  • Auto loans | Introduction
  • Auto loans | Loans
  • Auto loans | Leases
  • Auto loans | Bankers tips
  • Student loans | Introduction
  • Student loans | FAFSA
  • Student loans | Grants & scholarships
  • Student loans | Federal loans
  • Student loans | Private loans
  • Personal loans
  • Business loans | Overview
  • Business loans | Types
  • Overview
  • Macro-economics | GDP, unemployment, inflation
  • Micro-economics | taxes, supply & demand,
  • Overview
  • Types of investment vehicles
  • Pros & cons vs. saving accounts
  • Crypto & NFT - an overview
  • Retirement accounts
  • Fund comparison (index, mutual, ETF, +)
Money management
  • Overview
  • Strategic budgeting
  • Positive money habits
  • Taxes - high level overview
  • Net worth
  • Creating a dream budget
Tips & Recommendations
  • What bankers don't tell you
  • Not falling for the trap
  • Optimizing current situation
  • Review and conclusion

Transformative Tasks

  • Old vs. new beliefs
  • Creating the dream budget
  • To be and not to be
  • Strategic goal setting


  • Rich vs poor mindset - PDF
  • Bank overview - PDF
  • Credit score overview - PDF
  • APR vs APY - PDF
  • Book recommendations - PDF
  • Budgeting sheet - Spreadsheet
  • Dream budget - Spreadsheet
  • Net worth calculator - Spreadsheet
  • Goal setting - PDF
  • Investment overview & tips - PDF
  • Home loan calculator - Spreadsheet
  • Habit cycle break - PDF

Knowledge Checks

  • Short quizzes throughout sessions

Q&A Sessions

  • Live Q&A sessions

Discounts on Private Sessions

  • Special discounts on private sessions

MMU Certification

  • World-class MMU certification upon completion

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Asaturi Advantage



We’re not just experts in finance, we’re experts in understanding how to think about finance. Financial advisors, CPA's, etc., advise based on their lens, the products they are allowed to sell, or unforgivingly - products that pay the most.


We don't sugarcoat, we aren't compensated based on what we recommend, and we don't have products to push. We are primarily fee-based, meaning we charge for time and performance. This way you know our advice is uncompromised.


At Asaturi we strive to build life long meaningful relationships - not push and go transactions. For this purpose, and in order to optimize the value we provide to our clients, we are selective with our partners and our calendar.


We're wise, yet 100% human and won't hesitate to empathize with you. We are not suit wearing robots using endless jargon trying to close a sale. We are here to understand and push you as we strategically charge toward your success.


We bring decades of meaningful, elite, personal and professional experience and education to every meeting. Just as importantly, we bring honesty, sincerity, and empathy to every meeting. At Asaturi, you're always in good hands.


Born and raised poor, our founder made his way through life and has committed to using what he's learned through his pain to save you from yours. We were born with our ``why`` - and it has nothing to do with money.


Right now, we’re in pre-sale, so you get the opportunity of taking the courses at a steep discount but do have to wait until September. In September, the courses will go live, and anyone who signs up in September or after (at full price) will gain access to the courses the same day.
You keep all downloadable items but lose access to the video content in 90 days. The reason for this is because we want you to commit and take advantage of what you’ve paid for and not leave it “for tomorrow.” Without a deadline, there is no pressure, and nothing gets done.

When you sign up you’ll receive a welcome package which includes the agenda and instructions for Q&A’s. 

Yes! For students between the ages of 13 and 21 we offer discounts on both the Basic and Elite university. Email with a picture of your student ID and title the subject “student MMU” – we will gladly send you a temporary code for your discounted purchase.

Yes – our courses are already being taken within school districts and other organizations. Reach out to if you wish to further discuss implementing/licensing Money Mastery University for your business.

While Dave is also a credible person his program covers less than 5% of what Money Mastery University covers. Dave’s program focuses on how to pay off debt, which is only a tiny fraction of what MMU offers. We guarantee our methods and strategies are more current, bold, educated, and effective than anything else in the market.

Absolutely – the very best kind. In fact, I’ll give you the exact same spreadsheet and strategy I use.

Email and let’s find some answers.

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